Don’t Forget Zincs!!

Written By: Tyler Lee |, Inc.

Spring is here, and that means boating season is upon us!  But before launching your boat and getting back on the water, it is vital that you check your zincs first.  Sacrificial anodes are an essential line of defense, protecting the underwater metals on your boat from corrosion and ruin.  Before getting under way you’ll want to make sure your zincs are in good enough shape to last another season.  If they’re more than halfway gone – or if you don’t have any at all – you need zincs!

Now, different water environments call for different anodes – and here’s where it gets tricky.  Saltwater boaters can use zinc while freshwater boaters should only use magnesium.    Aluminum, meanwhile, is a highly active alloy that can be beneficial in any water condition but is especially appealing in brackish water.  In any case, a good anode is one that adheres to its Mil-Spec.  That is, the precise alloy needed for it to function as a sacrificial anode.

Once you’ve found the right anodes, installation is a snap.  Make sure they have good physical and electrical connections (an anode with a poor electrical connection cannot offer corrosion protection).  Clean the area where your anode will be mounted by lightly sanding or wire brushing.  Don’t paint your anodes, they need to be exposed to water to work.  From there, you’re good to go!  Your zincs will do the hard work for you and keep your boat safe while you enjoy the water.

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