Thomas Knight Park & Knightville Landing

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The boat landing is nestled in the shadow of the Casco Bay Bridge, smaller vessels must exercise considerable caution and common sense. Large, deep draft ships must pass through the bridge opening and can not maneuver significantly during transit of the bridge. Some vessels will be assisted by tugs that will also need room to maneuver. Boaters are strongly encouraged to adhere to the guidance to avoid larger ships, and avoid possible incidents or injury due to local conditions. Listen to VHF 13 to listen to commercial vessels announcements.

Docking: Temp or Day Services: Waste Pumpout
  • Listing categories Public
  • Location / Region Maine
  • Decimal Latitude 43.644052
  • Decimal Longitude -70.257658
  • D,M,S Latitude 43° 38' 38"N
  • D,M,S Longitude 70° 15' 27"W
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