Wiscasset Town Dock Harbormaster

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The big town pier is marked by a tall flagpole. There is 15 feet alongside at low. Pump-outs are available, and diesel or gas can be arranged by truck. Two deep water moorings available to the public and overnight docking to accomodate three boats.

  • Address (207) 380-3502
    Wiscasset, ME 04578
Docking: Temp or Day Docking: Transient Mooring: Transient
  • Listing categories Public
  • Location / Region Maine
  • Decimal Latitude 43.999739
  • Decimal Longitude -69.664655
  • D,M,S Latitude 43° 59' 59"N
  • D,M,S Longitude 69° 39' 52"W
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