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Brick Market Place-Swinburne Row Claim

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For docking, contact Newport Yacht Club, Perrotti Park (day docking vessels up to 40 ft), Newport Shipyard, The Newport Harbor Hotel and Marina, Newport Mooring Service (moorings), Bowen’s Wharf, Bannister’s Wharf Marina, Oldport Marine Service Inc (moorings-VHF 68), Newport Yachting Center. Contact VHF 9 except for Oldport Marine. All are within 1/2 walk. Other transient slips/moorings are available for a further walk.


Places include:
Oriental Arts, Satori, Newports Best T Shirt, Newport Sunglass Shop, Army Navy Surplus, Souvenir Stop, Smoky Topaz, Bermuda Bay Clothing, Pleasant Surprise, Ireland Calls, Sea Side Sweet & T, Sole Desire, The Platinum House, Brooks Brothers

  • Address Swinburne Row
    Newport, RI 02840
  • Listing categories Retail Shopping
  • Location / Region Rhode Island
  • Decimal Latitude 41.489039373567934
  • Decimal Longitude -71.31556054603271
  • D,M,S Latitude 41° 29' 20"N
  • D,M,S Longitude 71° 18' 56"W
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