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Jim’s Package Store & Island Market Claim

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For docking, contact Dockside Marketplace & Marina or Oak Bluffs Marina.

Jim’s Package Store is here to quench your thirst and palate with the Island’s best selection of Fine Wines, Beers, Ales, and Spirits from around the world. Jim’s also has many convenience and food items including  sandwiches. Jim’s walk-in Cigar humidor contains a fine selection of hundreds of quality cigars for even the most discerning tastes.  They also offer Texaco fuel however is not accessible by boat.

  • Address 27 Lake Ave
    Oak Bluffs, MA 02557
  • Listing categories Retail Shopping
  • Location / Region Massachusetts
  • Decimal Latitude 41.4577237
  • Decimal Longitude -70.55823950000001
  • D,M,S Latitude 41° 27' 27"N
  • D,M,S Longitude 70° 33' 29"W
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