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Lady of the Lake is a beautiful, one-of-a-kind woman’s apparel boutique that specializes in comfortable, romantic, feminine and elegantly fashionable attire suitable for any special occasion. Offering affordable apparel that appeals to women of all ages who want to feel and look their best! Visit Lady of the Lake for one-stop shopping! Let us save you time and money by dressing you from head-to-toe in our glamorous party dresses, evening gowns or special occasion attire! We’ll complete the look with fabulous jewelry, an elegant evening bag and sensible shoes to match. Add the appropriate undergarment from the experts at Spanx and you’re ready to go!

For docking see Hesky Park (Meredith Town Docks).

  • Address 300 Daniel Webster Highway
    Meredith, NH 03253
  • Listing categories Retail Shopping
  • Location / Region New Hampshire
  • Decimal Latitude 43.65591371479221
  • Decimal Longitude -71.49904046931147
  • D,M,S Latitude 43° 39' 21"N
  • D,M,S Longitude 71° 29' 56"W
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