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Their marine services crew will cheerfully dispose of your boat trash, and provision your boat with your list for the Port Clyde General Store, which is a full spirits liquor store.  We will transport you and your family and guests in our water launch as often as you wish while in port and even bring hot meals to your boat from the deli, including steamed lobsters with melted butter.  The maximum boat length we can accommodate is 50ft on the mooring.  The Port Kitchen serves Breakfast, Lunch, Picnics to Go and The Dip Net services Lunch, Dinner, Cocktails.  Both are located at the General Store.

  • Address 2 Cold Storage Rd
    Tenants Harbor, , St George, ME 04860
Mooring: Transient Services: Diesel Services: Gas
  • Listing categories Retail Shopping
  • Location / Region Maine
  • Decimal Latitude 43.9260499
  • Decimal Longitude -69.2587334
  • D,M,S Latitude 43° 55' 33"N
  • D,M,S Longitude 69° 15' 31"W

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