Spring Cleaning Tips From the Pros

Written By: Nick Armstrong | Bottoms up Detail



Bottoms up detail began in the spring of 2003 as a small mobile boat detailing business. This business began with a milk crate and an extension cord. The founder, Nick Armstrong started with detailing family and friends boats. When asked to detail a customer’s car Nick gave it a go knowing his love for cars and keeping them clean. Well his expertise as a detailer helped transition this business into not only mobile boat detailing, but car, RV, motorcycle detailing, commercial truck washing, shrink wrapping, bottom painting and much more. Bottoms up detail have grown their staff, truck line up, and now there is a shop located in Marshfield as well.

Within the New England region, Bottoms up detail services approximately 400 boats per year. Their professional crews of detailers have worked on boats ranging from 13 feet all the way to 75 plus feet. Yes, they do it all! Summer is coming quicker than expected so I know all you boaters need to get the white shrink wrap off your boats to get them ready for the season! Well, bottoms up detail can help you with that.
Many customers ask for advice to maintain their boats and cars, especially after spending the money to have it detailed. Well bottoms up detail`s owner Nick Armstrong would like to share some cleaning tips. I know we all love white before it starts getting dirty, and once we try to clean it the bright white never seems to come back! Well there is a solution to the dirtiness and mildew that resides on boaters vinyl cushions. The solution to this is our plastic cleaner with a magic eraser. It is that easy. Magic erasers do wonders for vinyl and get the cushions back to looking brand new. Maintaining your cars and boats is crucial to keeping up the value and condition. House cleaning products is a big NO! Most of the house cleaning products out there has a degreaser in it which will reverse what you are trying to attain. It will immediately strip off the wax. Waxing and compounding the paint on the cars and the fiberglass on boats should happen twice a year, every six months. Using a high speed buffer does take detailing expertise to assure there are no swirls or burn through, so unless you have experience be careful or ask a professional.